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The Most Inefficient Way to Roast Coffee.

At Java Tree, we believe roasting the finest coffees requires a certain attention to detail that can not be attained through mass production.

  1. We hand weigh then roast coffee, to order, in small, 15 kilo batches
  2. We use fluid bed roasting technology to ensure a more uniform roast and a cleaner more pronounced character in the cup
  3. We DO NOT use the quenching method (spraying water on hot beans) as a means to lower bean temperatures
  4. We use cooled, forced air to quickly stop the roasting process, ensuring a perfect roast every time

We also blend coffees only after roasting. Each varietal coffee is roasted to its own unique temperature to bring out its optimum characteristics. Roasting different varietals together would result in some beans being over or under roasted. Our process ensures you receive a perfect blend every time.

It is not the most efficient way to roast coffee, but after tasting a cup, we think you'll agree-it is the best way to roast coffee.

Contact us today and experience how good inefficiency can be.

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