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The Art of Cupping.

The best advice anyone can give you when tasting different coffees is to keep your mind open and do it frequently. The more you taste, or cup, the more you'll be able to distinguish the characteristics between different countries and roast styles.

  1. Start with your eyes. Look at the coffee and notice the colors and clarity.
  2. Gently raise the cup to your nose and take a deep smell. What subtle characteristics are you able to distinguish? Fruity or earthy tones? Keep your mind open and describe the nuances of each type.
  3. After allowing the coffee to cool slightly, raise the cup to your mouth or put some coffee in a spoon, then quickly suck the coffee into your mouth. A loud slurping sound is acceptable. The idea is to almost spray the coffee completely over your tongue and let all your taste buds experience the flavor at once.
  4. After a moment of reflection, the coffee is spit out into a basin or spittoon and the next coffee is tasted.

There is a complete vernacular when it comes to describing coffee. But each coffee is usually judged on body, acidity, aroma and flavor using three samples. This is usually judged against each varietal's typical characteristics to ensure a proper roast.

We'd be happy to share a cupping session with you, so contact Java Tree today to set up an appointment.

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