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"I've been in the coffee business for almost 20 years, and Java Tree's combination of quality, price and service is unmatched. We're looking to open other stores, and whether we have two stores or 100, we will take Java Tree with us wherever we go."

Paul Chaves, Manager, Brewed Awakenings

Superior Flavor and Variety.

Java Tree offers a full line of drink bases and flavor syrups from Torani. For over 75 years, Torani's commitment to using only the very best ingredients has helped them become a leader in the industry. But most importantly, they stand up to Java Tree's strict standards for quality.

Torani® Naturally Flavored Syrups
Torani's full line of naturally flavored syrups is the key to building menu diversity. Create a wide variety of appealing specialty beverages for all dayparts and seasons.

  • We carry over 70 Torani flavors
  • Try citrus, berry and tropical flavors in sodas, iced teas and lemonades
  • Rich nut and spice flavors create signature specialty espresso drinks
  • Delicious sugar free flavors to meet the growing demand
  • Torani's sugar free flavoring syrups are made with Spenda®, the revolutionary new sweetener
  • Torani is made with the highest quality, all-natural ingredients, including natural flavors, pure cane sugar and purified water
  • The #1 best-selling brand, recognized by your guests for premium quality
  • Authentic taste and superior performance in all applications - hot, cold and frozen
  • Easy to use - tools and accessories to help speed beverage preparation

Torani® Sauces
The cafe mocha is the top-selling specialty coffee beverage. Offer the most delicious, distinctive mochas with Torani sauces. Torani's luxuriant sauces are available in the flavors that meet your menu needs - Chocolate, White Chocolate and Caramel. Indulge!

  • Premium ingredients including sugar, real cream, breakfast-grade Dutch cocoa and more
  • Velvety texture blends seamlessly into both hot and cold beverages
  • Meet the growing demand for caramel-based beverages with buttery-smooth Torani caramel sauce
  • Convenient package with pre-portioned pump available
  • Flavors: Caramel Sauce, Chocolate Sauce, White Chocolate Sauce

CaffiocoTM Frozen Coffee Blend
Grow your beverage sales with irresistible frozen coffee drinks made with Caffioco. A frosty alternative for espresso lovers, Caffioco blended coffee drinks attract new customers, too. Now available in both Latte and Mocha flavors!

  • Caffioco's rich liquid blend creates a smoother, creamier texture good to the last sumptuous sip
  • Made with 100% Arabica coffee and real cream
  • Available in two indulgent flavors: Latte and Mocha
  • Just add milk and ice. Blend and serve.
  • Customized by adding Torani syrups, sauce or even your own espresso
  • Convenient pump system available

Frusia® Whole Fruit Puree
Frusia is the easiest, most delicious way to make frozen, true-fruit flavored drinks. Distinguish your menu with signature Frusia drink recipes.

  • Unique premium whole fruit puree delivers true concentrated fruit flavor in a convenient, shelf-stable product
  • Torani's proprietary blending process creates a puree which is rich in texture for extra thick, creamy drinks
  • Easy to use: simply blend with ice and milk (or other liquid) in a commercial blender
  • Mix with milk, juice, tea, water or alcohol
  • Prepare frosty, fruit-based drinks without handling/storing fresh fruit
  • Offer consistent true fruit flavor year round for a premium drink experience
  • Flavors: Kiwi Fruit, Mango, Mixed Berry, Peach, Pina Colada, Raspberry, Strawberry

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